Professional Services Schedule (PSS)

In 2015, Peerless’ FABS, PES, and MOBIS schedules were consolidated into one schedule in accordance with GSA policies.

The new structure provides the same professional service offerings and also provides federal customers a more streamlined approach to procuring complex professional services while offering shorter lead time, lower administrative costs, and more flexibility.

Customers are able to procure the same reliable and affordable services from Peerless as before, including:

• Asset management services
• Financial management and audit services
• Business information services and safeguarding personal data
• Program management for financial services
• Grants management support services
• Acquisition planning assistance and document development
• Proposal evaluation support services
• Contract administration support services and close-out assistance
• Competitive Sourcing support
• Concept Development & Requirements Analysis
• Acquisition & Life Cycle Management


CURRENT PERIOD: 9/30/2015-9/29/2020
ELIGIBLE SIN: 874-1; 874-4; 874-6; 874-7; 871-2; 871-6; 520-13

Peerless PSS Pricing Schedule