Nadine Aly | Vice President, Proposals & Marketing
Nadine Aly

Nadine Aly serves as Vice President of Proposals & Marketing, leading the team responsible for creating responsive, accurate proposals to win new business and retain existing contracts. She also oversees Peerless’ marketing efforts, including websites, social media, and trade show and meeting support.

Aly has more than 20 years’ experience in proposal, project and business management for the government and private sector, from a $10 billion multinational company to small trade associations. She has led more than 100 business growth opportunities that resulted in more than $300 million in revenue.

As an entrepreneur, Aly owned and operated a chain of 13 convenience stores with revenues exceeding $10 million; owned and operated restaurants in Washington, D.C., and Texas, including facility redesign and construction, hiring, contract negotiations and day-to-day operations, and a home renovation and resale business.

Aly holds an M.B.A. from George Mason University and a B.A. from the University of Texas at Austin. She is active in her community, volunteering for Little Helping Hands – a group facilitating volunteer work for children and teens – and the Austin Independent School District. She is based in Texas.