Peerless Technologies Corporation (Peerless) provides high quality products and services in information technology, information management, and multimedia to the NASA Glenn Research Center (GRC) at Lewis Field, Cleveland, OH, and its associated sites and facilities (Plum Brook Station, Sandusky, OH), and other areas that result in a high level of customer satisfaction. Our PACE IV personnel perform technical tasks to assist the GRC in meeting the objectives of its research, development, engineering, and institutional support activities.

The tasks that Peerless employees perform on the NASA PACE IV contract consist of a complex assortments of responsibilities. These requirements include technical tasks in Computer Science, Computer and Software Engineering, Security, Networking, Application Development, IT Project Management, and Web Services. We support the diverse missions, programs, and institutional activities across GRC’s scope of involvement in NASA functions. Peerless’ IT Services delivered through PACE enable GRC to execute NASA’s missions and programs from a variety of NASA locations, with primary services delivered from Glenn Research Center at Lewis Field and Plum Brook Station. In performance of this contract, Peerless personnel comply with all applicable Federal, NASA, and GRC policies and procedures.

NASA PACE IV Benefits:

  • $112M ceiling supporting NASA Glenn Research Center.
  • Five-year contract awarded to Peerless in Feb. 2014
  • this contract is for center wide enterprise IT/IS/IA/cybersecurity performance
  • Support of the NASA GRC virtual hosting environment by performing VMware administration
  • Perform IT support functions, including CM, IS development, and implementing NASA knowledge management tools
  • Perform database system engineering and perform back-up tasks within the Red Hat Linux environment